25 butterbeers for 25 years

For my 25th birthday, Lexy and I ventured to Orlando, FL to spend the week celebrating with a bit of Disney and Potter magic. We spent the first day at Magic Kingdom eating all the Mickey shaped food and posing with princesses during our dinner in the castle. The sweetest waiter gifted us magic wands (even though the wands are for "much younger" princesses than us). After dinner we got on the monorail so Lexy could drink around the world! Being well before uber only one of us could drink so it wasn't as fun as if we were sharing cocktails around the globe but we had a great time!

The next day we lounged by the pool and it was glorious. Feeling refreshed we woke up on the 21st and apparated over to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Being dressed in our Gryffindor best a fellow housemate, Diamond, told us to let the staff member at the castle gates know that she sent us. We each had a fresh butterbeer in hand because the line said 45 minutes and we were prepared to wait. After we stashed our bags in the lockers we took our drinks to the end of the line and told them "Diamond sent us." We were then escorted to the very front of the line. We dumped our butterbeers in the trash (after one last long sip) and hopped on the ride. On cloud nine, we ran to the front to hug Diamond, thank her and snap a quick photo.

Next on our list was Ollivanders. I knew well before leaving CT that I would be purchasing myself a wand for my birthday. We waited in a short line and were ushered into the small space. We tucked ourselves by the window so we had a side view of the counter. All of a sudden, Lexy and I were standing at the counter. We had been chose for the wand ceremony. After the most magical gift I could have hoped for I purchased the wand that chose me and plunked ourselves down at the Three Broomsticks for lunch.

The rest of the day is a blur of train rides, escaping Gringotts, ice cream and drinking our weight in butterbeer. Can't wait to do it again.


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