Advent cOWLendar

Tipsy Wizards Advent cOWLendar

Did you know the advent calendar originated in the 19th century? Families would make a chalk line for every day in December until Christmas Eve. The advent calendar has come quite a long way since then. This year in late November youtube was teeming with videos showing off the best advent calendars of 2019. With options ranging from luxury make up brands to Harry Potter legos and everything in between, anything is possible to make your advent dreams come true this year.

Wizarding World of Harry Potter Owl Post

If you have been following us for a while you know one of my all time favorite details of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios is knowing that a set designer had to paint on all of the owl poop found in the eves of the buildings and on the Owl Post in Diagon Alley. Having a husband who dabbles in set design for fun, I have a very different appreciation for theme parks and experiential events. I find myself reaching out to touch a wall wondering how many layers of paint they used to weather it and debating what they coated it with do it is able to withstand so many people brushing by it every day.

Tipsy Wizards Advent cOWLendar

In the 5 years that Shelby and I have been friends I have brought up how much I love painted owl poop approximately 5,930,227 times. So, this year Shelby crafted me a "vessel" to hold my Christmas presents. She asked me if I had any guesses as to what the vessel could be. My guesses included: a Ford Anglia and a pirate ship - neither of which were anywhere close. The craftiest witch of our age has struck again with the most incredible Harry Potter themed advent calendar I've ever seen - the owl post. It is the perfect application for an advent calendar with all it's little windows for owls transitioning flawlessly into tiny windows for daily presents. I will definitely be using this for years to come.

Tipsy Wizards Advent cOWLendar

She made the entire thing out of cardboard, fabric and paint and I love it more than I could ever express. She did not make a tutorial or document the process but I am including photos here if you'd like to use them as reference for your own. The tiny details are the best part, she included a tiny flying owl to the top, the Owl Post sign on the side and of course, painted owl poop.

Thank you Shelby for making my Christmas dreams come true, you are a wizard angel and I love you s'much.


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