Bertie Botts Bath

"Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans - A Risk With Every Mouthful!"

When planning this extensive WWoHP Honeydukes bound I knew I wanted to take proper photos in my Bertie Bott's outfit before we went to the parks. Shelby had mentioned seeing a series of photos done in candy bathes and I was sold. When I explained this concept to my husband, who would be taking the photos, I instantly saw his wheels turning as to how best approach filling our bathtub with thousands of jellybeans.

Last night, my vision came to life and I could not be more pleased with the way the photos turned out. We cut a hole in a clear plastic garbage bag and tugged it down around my waist and taped it to the tub walls to create a barrier so the jelly beans would stay where we wanted them. Adam built up the space around my torso with wood blocks so the beans would be higher up and we wouldn't need as many to create a full feeling.

After I got settled into the tub and Adam sculpted my hair into place he began dumping buckets of jelly beans on me and we could not stop laughing.

I am elated with everything he captured and couldn't even hold out until mid-September to post like I wanted to, I edited my favorite and posted it this morning.

The Bertie Botts and other Honeydukes pieces I designed can be found here!

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