Charm Your Own Cheese

Among the literature that exists in the wizarding world is a guide to cheese-based potions guaranteed to delight gourmands and humble homemakers alike. It is a tome that is only mentioned once in the Harry Potter books, stacked on a shelf in the cozy Weasley family home, the Burrow. Charm Your Own Cheese by Gerda Curd (possibly the culinary pen name of Greta Catchlove) made its first appearance in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, chapter three:

The clock on the wall opposite him had only one hand and no numbers at all. Written around the edge were things like Time to make tea, Time to feed the chickens, and You're late. Books were stacked three deep on the mantelpiece, books with titles like Charm Your Own Cheese, Enchantment in Baking, and One Minute Feasts - It's Magic!”

Interestingly, it is this very passage that school librarian Steve Vander Ark recorded in his notebook, taking the first step in creating what would become The Harry Potter Lexicon. Charm Your Own Cheese was also referenced occasionally in fun facts and trivia from Pottermore, confirming our belief that it is an overlooked treasure— an obscure reference that longtime fans would surely find joy in remembering.

Savanah regularly re-reads the Harry Potter books, and has been quietly persistent and patient in realizing her dream of a Charm Your Own Cheese photo shoot. Sometimes we’d get into thorough discussions of “Are cheese-based potions for curing ailments or is it just magic fondue?” and, “How exactly DOES one milk a dragon?” The answers are irrelevant, we’re simply here to chant, “cheese” at each other in Swiss top hats.

Fellow epicureans, have we got a savory treat for you. Everyone knows we love any excuse to celebrate a holiday— fictional or otherwise. It is not lost on us that Tuesday, June 4, 2019 is National Cheese Day, and we have curated wine and cheese pairings to help you make the most of it.

Our book cover and pairings above were sent to witch and wizard friends all over the globe in our most recent mailing. There are many ways to celebrate National Cheese Day. Whether you take our recommendations above or you sample one approximately 1,400 cheeses offered in the world today, we hope it’s magical. Make Gerda Curd proud.


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