Diagon Alley in our basement

In 2014 while Adam and I were on the hunt for our first home we struck a deal - he would be allowed to put his Halloween "decorations" all over the house if I got a small corner somewhere to devote to the Harry Potter bric-à-brac I've accumulated over the years.

When the Emporium (our house) became a reality Adam showed me sketches of what he had in mind for my "small corner somewhere." I was absolutely blown away by what he was proposing. I had a few posters and a bookshelf or two in mind, what he was suggesting was something else entirely. He had dedicated an enormous section of the basement bar to two full Diagon Alley storefronts - Twilfitt & Tattings and Florean Fortescue's.

By day, Adam is a UX designer for a big corporation but by night he designs and fabricates sets for his personal Halloween display and the haunted house he is affiliated with. Before I knew it we had full structures in the basement and were picking out paint and trims. After many late nights, cursing at roof lines that didn't line up and tears of pure joy, we have a chunk of Diagon Alley in our basement bar.

We are currently moving onto the stretch goals now that the physical construction is complete.

When explaining our enormous project to friends it began to take on a life of it’s own. Adam was catching up with some former colleagues on a Thursday and by Monday he received a message asking to help “add a bit of magic” to our bar build. Dave works with pinball machines for fun and knew he could rig elements to react to spoken spells and a wand. We’re currently getting all the elements together to have Dave and Adam’s vision of Universal Studios style magic in our basement come to life. I also had a colleague I shared our build with offer his expertise, Gaetano built all of our spotlights that are being installed in our ceiling to react to different things. He is also CNC routing the hanging sign for Twilfitt & Tattings, the 3D letters for Florean Fortescues and the large Platypus Pub sign for behind the bar.


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