Disney/Universal Scavenger Hunt

We put together a pretty entertaining, trip long scavenger hunt for our trip to Orlando.

It covers Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. We are drinking around the world at Epcot so I didn't add anything from that park so we can focus on our quest!

I created 3 separate chats on groupme (1 chat for each team) to send photos as they go to make life easier to tally all the points at the end!

General Disney/Universal

  1. Photo with a character! (1 point per character)

  2. Now watch you dole whip, watch you nay nay.

  3. At the happiest place on earth find some Disney Honeymooners!

  4. Please stand clear of the closing doors, let me see you riding the rails!

  5. Eye spy a kid on a leash.

  6. An illegally parked stroller.

  7. Mickey is all around, show me your Mickey shaped food!

  8. Did you peep someone pop the question?

  9. Let’s see the mermaid at the parks! (1 point per sbux/per park)

  10. DILF’s of Disney are on the move, peep one near you!

  11. Hidden mickeys [1 point for each]

  12. Photo of the longest wait time (the ride with the most minutes at the end gets the point)

  13. No need for a train to squish them here let’s see a pressed penny!

  14. “Follow me to” anywhere in a park.

Magic Kingdom

  1. Is today your unbirthday? Take a spin around the tea party to celebrate!

  2. She watched the floating lights on her birthday. Find her tower and snap a picture of her color changing friend!

  3. We're devils and black sheep, really bad eggs... find a sword and show off your most swashbuckling pose.

  4. Find someone still soaked from Splash Mountain.

  5. Experiment 626 is on loose, can you find him?

  6. To infinity and beyond! Send a snap from Star Command!

  7. Going to a ghostly dinner party? Find Mr. Toad in the graveyard.

  8. Nooooo ooooone drinks like Gaston! Head to Gaston’s Tavern and take a photo in his chair.

  9. The Swiss Family Robinson Tree House is ready to set sail, let’s see you behind the wheel!

  10. Treat yo’self! Send a snap of a Main Street delight!

  11. Show me the monayyyyy! Find the glitzy gold at Big Thunder Mountain.

  12. You’re off to Never Neverland, find the Mermaid Lagoon!

  13. The Dapper Dans are out to play, snag a video of them serenading the crowd!

  14. Get a team photo in front of the castle.

  15. Get a balloon rangler let you hold the bouquet on Main Street!

  16. You’re quacking me up! Snap a shot of a feathered friend.

  17. Ain’t no party like a riverboat party ‘cause a riverboat party don’t stop! Can you find the riverboat? (Bonus point if you ask to ride in the pilot house and receive an official riverboat pilot's certificate)

  18. Let’s see you locked up in the pillory.

  19. Double bubble, toil and trouble. Brew me up fierce in the cauldron.

  20. Look at the 2nd story windows in Liberty Square. Find the one that has a rifle and another that has 2 lanterns for "1 of by land, 2 if by sea.”

  21. Looks like you need a trim. Head into the barber shop and ask for a “coloring job”

  22. Turn right off of Main Street. Can you hear someone practicing the scales at their music lesson? What about a tap dance class?

  23. Walt’s apartment light is on, can you find it?

  24. Excalibur is still stuck in the stone. Try your hand at pulling it out!

  25. There is a phone in the candy shop on Main Street and in Tomorrowland under the Astro Orbiter. Find one and pick it up.

  26. Can you find claw marks on the floor of The Country Bear Jamboree?

  27. At the Frontierland RR Station, look for a wooden leg named Smith.

  28. The Magic Kingdom bell is made from the same mold as the Liberty Bell, can you find it?

  29. Rumored to be Cindy’s favorite, there is only one horse on the carrousel that has a gold ribbon on its tail. Can you spot him?

  30. You don’t have to ride Dumbo to snap a photo in one of his carts. Find the test car!

  31. The golden camel poised at the entrance of the magic carpet ride has a tendency to spit. See if you can catch her in the act.

  32. In Tony's Town Square find Lady & the Tramp.

  33. Did you make it to the parade?

Hollywood Studios

  1. Pew! Pew! Steal a selfie with a stormtrooper!

  2. Take a ride through the forest Moon of Endor on a land speeder.

  3. An asteroid may have killed the dinosaurs, but not this one!

  4. These are the droids you’re looking for.

  5. SPOT the dalmatian statue, can you find the hidden mickey?

  6. Find the date the park opened at the gas pump.

  7. When you find Indy, see if you can find the rope to pull. Can you hear the man in the well?

  8. Can you find the key under the welcome mat at muppetvision?

  9. In One Man’s Dream Walt’s initials are carved into his childhood desk.

  10. Staying at the Tower of Terror? I forgot my busted glasses in lobby, can you grab them for me?

  11. In tower of terror there 19th century artist moreau sculptures. Find the authentic one.

  12. Army men are a load of fun, send a photo or video!

Animal Kingdom

  1. DiVine travels between Africa and Asia. Can you spot her?

  2. Lions, tigers, bears, oh my! Find me one of each and earn 3 points!

  3. In the boneyard, find and play the xylobone!

  4. The Mitsubishi MK-6 Amplified Mobility Platform (AMP suit) is parked out front, can you find it?

  5. In Harambe, a coke bottle is perched on a utility pole.

  6. Heading toward Tarzan Rocks, when you pass under the dino let me know if it’s male or female.

  7. Find the Fichwa! Fellow.

  8. Play the drums in Pandora!

  9. Snap a photo in the upside down room on your pizzafari!

  10. Find Rafiki’s Planet Watch mural

  11. What’s your wingspan?


  1. Cheers to butterbeer!

  2. Yer a wizard! Show me some magic.

  3. You shouldn’t be hanging around such a dodgy place. Quick, snap the Knockturn alley sign!

  4. Florean Fortescues serves the best ice cream in Diagon Alley. Find the big cone.

  5. Up in the rafters in the Three Broomsticks the house elves are having a dance party, can you find them?

  6. Find some Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder!

  7. September 1st came and went but you can still catch a ride on the Hogwarts Express! Show me your luggage before you board the train!

  8. Can you spy a bowtruckle on your way to the Forbidden Journey?

  9. Take a video of the leaky cauldron drip.

  10. The Hogs Head is the perfect place to knock back a pint. Snap a pic of the hog!

  11. Romilda Vane isn’t the only one that can whip up a love potion. Can you find one in Diagon Alley?

  12. Watch your head! Owls are tucked into all the high corners, can you spy any droppings?

  13. The Ford Anglia crashed landed in the whomping willow but now it’s running wild in the forest somewhere…

  14. Record the snake chatting with you in parsletongue.

  15. Getting into the Ministry is easy peasy, just dip into the phone booth and dial M-A-G-I-C.

  16. Someone is always listening, find an extendable ear hanging from the ceiling.

  17. Can you find a bottle of Duff?

  18. Line jumpers are a menace, can you catch one camera?

  19. Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not. Snap a photo among the Truffula Trees.

  20. Welcome to Jurassic Park, find a land cruiser and let’s see some dinos!

  21. Poseidon’s Fury is palpable, snap a photo of his enormous stone trident.

  22. I'm having a bad, bad day. It's about time that I get my way. Steam rolling whatever I see, huh. Despicable me. Catch a minion!

  23. Hello Kitty has her own spot on Rodeo Drive, let’s see her in all her glory!

  24. And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling kids! Where’d I park the Mystery Machine?

  25. I generally don’t condone DRUGS but can you snipe some in lights?

  26. Spongebob Storepants dropped anchor!

  27. A curious little monkey has left yellow footprints for you to find.

  28. Take a ride on a tiger where the adventure begins.

  29. Are you brave enough to meet a real raptor? Send a photo or video of your raptor encounter... if you make it out alive.

  30. Show us what you’re thinking, thought bubbles are all around toon lagoon.

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