DIY House Crest Trunks

One of the most iconic accessories from the Wizarding World (second to house scarves) is Hogwarts branded luggage. A simple trunk that can take you on an adventure beginning at Platform 9 ¾ and ending after a semester at Hogwarts-- without ever physically going anywhere.

While planning this project, I was keenly aware that the Hogwarts crest is used most often to decorate trunks… but the thought that Shelby or I wouldn’t trade in, magically remove the logo, or switch our luggage entirely to match our house colors and crests is absurd - so I opted for our houses rather than the school.

For Shelby, I selected a beautiful green case and metallic gold leather paint to adorn it with the Slytherin crest. Though I am a very proud Gryffindor, I have spent my whole life dreaming of an American wizarding school. For myself, the Ilvermorny aesthetic couldn't be more perfect.

I used my Silhouette Cameo vinyl cutter to make template vinyl stickers. Originally, the plan was to paint Shelby's case as a Christmas gift, but on my first "go", caked too many layers of paint on the template with her initials. I was not happy with the end result. Shelby is the "craftiest witch of her age" so she took the vinyl decals and cases to work on at home. She was able to salvage her initials and flawlessly paint the crests onto the trunks, I cannot stress enough how talented she is. We learned that the trick to getting clean edges was to first wipe down the surface of the bag with a clean cloth, apply an even layer of leather paint, and leave it to dry overnight. Gently peeling the vinyl sticker pieces off the following day was made easier with a pair of metal tweezers.

All of the supplies for this project are from Amazon. The bags can be found here and the paint here! I strongly recommend watching a Youtube tutorial about painting using vinyl templates if you've never attempted this before. If you'd like to cut your own vinyl to do this at home, we found an Etsy shop offering the SVG files of the Hogwarts house crests here! Otherwise, I'm confident you can message anyone on Etsy that cuts vinyl to make you an inverted vinyl sticker to use as a template!

Take a look at our work in progress photos as well as the finished products we photographed on some historic trains here in Connecticut.


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