Expecto Patronum!

We are a bit late to the game on the Pottermore Patronus quiz, as it came out almost a year ago. But here we are, chatting about it anyway!

This is something we had been waiting for since Pottermore launched in 2012. We wanted the sorting ceremony, the wand to choose us and to know our actual spirit animal from JK herself.

Four years later, we got everything we dreamed of and more. Not only have we gotten the patronus quiz we also got to experience the Ilvermorny sorting ceremony.

The day the patronus quiz launched we frantically logged onto pottermore and tried to calm ourselves as virtually began our walk through the forest. It was unlike the original Hogwarts test and I was so thrilled to be told to put headphones on to enjoy the full audio experience as well as the visual. It was beautiful and engaging and I could not have asked for more! ...actually, thinking about it, I totally could have.... why were there so many horses, cats and dogs?

Why wasn't there a broader range of magical creatures?

Are they going to revise it later and add more?

Am I really just getting way too into this and should just be grateful the quiz even exists? Probably.

Shelby and I both took the test at least three times and ended up going with our first patronus. My first was a stag. Initially, I was bummed because it’s Harry and James’ patronus. Under different circumstances I would have been thrilled and not taken the quiz again but I fully agree my patronus is a stag and the Potter's are really just stealing my vibe.

Shelby’s first was a swallow and Lexy’s was *gasp* a thestral; I know, Lexy won the patronus quiz.

Shelby surprised us shortly after with commissioned illustrations from Naomi Lord of us each in our Hogwarts uniform with our patronuses! (which lead to us contacting Naomi to do our Tipsy Wizard artwork!)

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