Harry Potter: A Pop-Up Guide to Hogwarts!

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

Back in July, during San Diego Comic Con, we got our first glimpse of this spectacular pop-up book. Shelby's boyfriend was sent to get us an idea of what to expect from this magical piece of artwork. Shortly after we posted a sneak peek, the book's illustrator reached out and from there we followed his work and artistic process through social media. We followed the book updates through October, to New York Comic Con, where a small number of copies would be available to lucky and patient fans.

Upon our arrival at New York Comic Con, the Insight Editions booth was our first destination. Both Kevin M. Wilson, the illustrator, and Matthew Reinhart, the paper engineer, signed copies on Saturday and Sunday at NYCC. It was lovely to be able to meet them, put faces to names (read: Instagram handles) , and get our hands on the book weeks earlier than its public release!

Wilson teased a few easter eggs, including that Hermione holding her famous time turner looks an awful lot like his own daughter, and that painting hanging next to the Fat Lady may or may not be a self-portrait.

The whole book, which includes behind-the-scenes blurbs and dreamy artwork, opens to a giant pop-up map of Hogwarts and its grounds, which includes the Quidditch pitch, Forbidden Forest and Hogsmeade! This is the first book we’ve ever owned that came with an instructional piece of how to use it. It was "meticulously constructed", according to Reinhart, and we can absolutely see this as we carefully thumb through the loaded pages. With a little groan and a laugh, a staff member I spoke to at the booth described it as, "a labor of love".

Harry Potter: A Pop-Up Guide to Hogwarts, is still available for pre-order from Amazon for just $45!

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