Harry Potter Festival in Philly

On Friday, October 21st (my 27th birthday) we drove to Philadelphia after work. We had plans to head to the bar crawl even though we did not have tickets but after so many hours in the car we just dropped our bags at the hotel and went to dinner.

We woke up Saturday morning to a bitterly cold and rainy day but we were determined to go experience the magic! I had Mrs. Weasley style sweatshirts printed at so we would stay warm and not have to plan any elaborate outfits for the occasion.

We heard about the festival after it went viral on facebook and apparently so did everyone else on earth. I imagine in years past the festival was a ton of fun but for us it was a cluster fuck and a half. The folks planning the street fest could not have been prepared for the amount of people that turned out on the coldest and rainiest day of October, we definitely weren't.

It was around lunch time when we came across a brewery/restaurant that was decorated so fabulously we HAD to go in. Lexy went in as our representative as the line was down around the block. They told her the wait time was 5 hours; we were in for a very long day. We squeezed through alleys and tried to see as much as possible but we were starving and wet and cold. We got to the end of the blocks of festival and lo and behold a pizza truck was on the corner. We waited 45 minutes for 3 slices of pizza and it was bliss.

We ventured back the way we came, through thousands of people, to find our car. When we got back to where we started we saw a quant church on the corner and thought, we came all the way down here we should at the very least snap some photos. It turned into a full on shoot in the churchyard, so much so we attracted attention and folks were asking us to take their photos when we were done. We eventually got back to our car and headed back to the hotel and stopped for several cocktails in the hotel bar before getting changed and heading to dinner. All in all it was a great weekend in good company, likely wouldn't do the festival again but Lexy, Jason and I have some good laughs over the whole thing.


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