Harry Potter In Concert

Harry Potter In Concert

I don't know that I will ever be able to fully enjoy a movie without an entire orchestra playing the score again. Adam and I arrived at the Bushnell Performing Arts Center an hour and a half before the show started, wand in hand. We parked the car and passed a beautiful church with wizardy doors and snapped a few photos before we went inside to get our tickets.

Last year we hosted a Fantastic Beasts themed NYE party so Adam had on a very... distinguishable outfit. When we got to the will call desk the gentleman told us he did not need our I.D.'s, he knew we were here to see Harry Potter In Concert. We wound our way through the venue - they have different theaters with multiple shows happening at once. We didn't want to end up in Charlie Brown Christmas so we followed a few Hogwarts scarfs headed to the left. Adam had snagged a coffee at a snack station along the way so we stopped to ask if we were allowed to go in with food and drink. The kind woman informed us that there was a large ballroom upstairs we would be waiting in and a coffee with a lid was not prohibited. We made our way upstairs and because we were so early had the beautiful wood paneled ballroom all to ourselves for a short time. People trickled in and right as the great room began to feel small the doors opened and people flooded to their seats.

It should be noted that I listen to the scores from the Potter movies on a daily basis. All 171 scores from the Potter films and Fantastic Beasts are on a spotify playlist I stream while I'm working. So when the advert for "Harry Potter In Concert" popped up Adam knew we had to go. I didn't do any research so I assumed we were literally just going to listen to the music live, I had no idea they were going to play along to the films - it was amazing.

If Harry Potter In Concert comes to a symphony near you - it was completely magical and I highly recommend it!

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