Hogwarts Running Club

In October 2016, I started having trouble breathing. Walking from my car to my desk in the morning left me gasping. I went to pulmonologists, cardiologists, more ologists than I could count and had numerous tests done with no results to be found. Doctors kept telling me I was perfectly healthy but don’t do anything strenuous.

Fast forward to March, I was frustrated, up ten pounds and generally miserable. I started taking aerial fitness classes as they weren’t cardio based and I needed to do something before I went completely insane. It is now August and I’ve been going to an all women’s gym taking aerial classes for almost six months and I absolutely love it.

One of my closest cousins is also on a fitness journey, we have been each other's accountability partners for years. I sent her a text last month “Do you want to join a running club with me?” She didn’t even ask me what for or if it was a good idea with my breathing situation she just said “Yes!” Being a fellow Potterhead she was over the moon to join the Hogwarts Running Club with me after I explained the concept. We ran (read: walked) our first 4 miler, The Eternal Glory Four Miler and I am so proud of us.

We have a (pipedream) goal to run the Disney Princess ½ Marathon in 2019 and I can’t wait to continue this journey with her. Taking my life back after this breathing debacle has been exhausting, frustrating and full of tears but I’m so excited to be moving again.

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