Illuminating Illustrations

For the last 3 years the first week of October [for Potter fans] means a new illustrated version of a Potter book. My birthday is in October so every year I pre-order it and send it to myself with a love note. This sounds ridiculous but it’s usually a surprise, I pre-order it in July or August and completely forget about it until it arrives in the mail.

This year was no different. I got home from work to find a package I wasn’t expecting and if you’re familiar with amazon boxes you know the difference between a book box and a general box. I ripped it open and sat directly on the kitchen floor to flip through it. As usual, it’s breathtaking. Jim Kay captures the essence of reading the books for the first time. The whimsy illustrations separate the books from the movies in a way that takes me back to grade school, first meeting Harry and Hermione and the Weasley’s - well before the movies were ever a blip.

I've read the books hard copy and listened to them on audible (Jim Dale) dozens of times but I'm eternally grateful to be able to experience another first with the OG Potter series.

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