Ilvermorny Fashions

Everyone knows the iconic striped scarf that announces you're a bold Gryffindor or a stylish Slytherin. This $7.44 scarf we found on amazon screams Ilvermorny and is great quality! [The cape blazer is also from amazon - it has pockets!!]

If you follow us on instagram you've likely seen us adorn our Ilvermorny sweatshirts on more than one occasion. They're one of our favorite pieces. They're from etsy for $55.00 (plus shipping). Our houses are embroidered on the left sleeve in gold and they are so cozy! They also sell a t-shirt variation that we have (and LOVE!)

Ilvermorny/1920's Hogwarts Skirt

I originally bought a skirt for an Ilvermorny shoot Shelby and I had planned in early 2018 but I didn't end up wearing it. I wear the skirt to work every now and again and it's nice, but then Hayley (@Hobbitparty) wore a much better version of the skirt with her 1920's Hufflepuff outfit and I had to share hers instead. It's from amazon and comes in at just $23.00!

This navy sheer cape blouse was a great find. It comes with a matching belt and has fun wizardy collar tips. We purchased these a few years ago, they aren't being sold on amazon anymore, but I did find them on ebay for $16.12!

I bought this in a large and a medium, they were both exactly the same size. Luckily, it is cinched with the belt and pretty flowy so it fits a range of sizes but I wouldn't trust the sizing variations listed. This isn't the highest quality garment we own but it is pretty and fun to wear.

This cozy sweater is from Modcloth and as soon as I saw it I knew I needed it. It seems that they're out of stock but Modcloth is usually pretty good about restocking items.

When ProjectLUNAROCK came out with their Ilvermorny pins we couldn't get them fast enough. We each have our house pin and the full Ilvermorny crest along with their new Ilvermorny Dueling Club Pin!

We did a fun DIY to create this Ilvermorny house mini trunk and love how it turned out! The trunk was from amazon and we cut vinyl templates to paint on the Thunderbird and my initials to mimic the original trunk Harry uses in Sorcerers Stone. [Ilvermorny rugby stripe socks are also from amazon]


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