Ilvermorny Pajamas

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

It isn’t news that Shelby and I love the idea of Ilvermorny, the American Wizarding School. When the Burson’s (@Hobbitparty & @MichaelRBurson) booked their flight to Connecticut we immediately had a trip to Mount Greylock, MA in the works.

When we were thinking about what to wear for the various photo shoots we had planned during their trip, the possibility of Ilvermorny house pajamas was mentioned and we knew we had to make it a reality.

I pulled the crests from Pottermore and created artwork in illustrator for each house. Then I brought the artwork into the program for my silhouette vinyl cutter to slice up some gold transfer material for the back of each pajama shirt! We also wanted the name of each house down the leg so I cut those and then heat pressed them all onto the garments.

We encouraged folks on instagram to join our pajama party by wearing pjs to opening night of Crimes of Grindelwald at their local theater and using the hashtag #pjsandpremieres! Corina from @magically.potteresque also has a vinyl cutter and asked for the files to make herself a matching set! (pictured above)

When it came time to get cozy in our pajamas and go see the film, we could not have anticipated the unseasonably early blizzard that blew through Connecticut that night. We bundled up and drove to the theater to find that we were the only people there to see Crimes of Grindelwald. We had the entire theater all to ourselves so we were free to talk and point things out to each other throughout the film. It was absolutely brilliant.


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