Ilvermorny Uniforms

Growing up in the US, the idea of an American Wizarding School has been a dream since Sorcerers Stone. During the Harry Potter Celebration in Orlando last year we impatiently waited on the internet for news of something, anything.

The map of wizarding schools across the globe was released and we could hardly contain ourselves.

Growing up in Connecticut and Shelby in Maryland attending Ilvermorny at Mount Greylock in Massachusetts was inevitable. As soon as the test came to pottermore we took it (3 times each). After we were officially sorted, myself in house Thunderbird and Shelby in house Wampus, we began frantically texting; what do they mean? Did we make the right choice? Looking up lore on the beasts the houses were named after. It was all overly dramatic.

As soon as we were concrete about our houses we started debating what all of our house swag would look like... priorities.

What colors would they be? What style? Would we use the tartan pattern or solids? After volleying all of these details (among other things like quodpot teams and wand permits) I had the house crests turned into embroidery files and started in on what were absolute necessities.

The first pieces of house merch I had custom made were waxed canvas cross body bags, we took them to the theater every time we saw Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and still use them all the time. Next up were ponchos, which are really more of a practical item but we love them so much, they're heavy and warm! (If you order and drop ship one to Twilfitt and Teta they will embroider your house on it for a small fee) After that, we needed glitter spirit jerseys for our Ilvermorny houses to match the ones we already had for our Hogwarts houses. And last and most important, we just had to have Ilvermorny sweatshirts resembling the Hogwarts House ones sold at Universal Studios.

We then began scouring the internet for clothing that would coincide with what we imagined our Ilvermorny school uniforms would look like. I'm aware our choices are a bit more high fashion than utilitarian, but Ilvermorny is all canon so we get to dream it however we damn well please.

Our favorite shirt to wear with our Ilvermorny uniform is this cape blouse on the left from amazon. It's flowy and fabulous and I wear mine to work all the time.

Feeling that the cape blouse might be a bit much when trying to mix things over a hot cauldron in potions class we found a ribbed navy sweater that is warm, comfortable and totally practical from asos on the right.

Scallop shorts are not likely a uniform staple, but look at them!! They are so cute! These ones are from Sincerely Sweet Boutique and they fit so well!

I'm entirely over pleated uniform skirts and way into these knee length treasures; so the first is a stretch pencil skirt from modcloth and this may not be practical but it sure is adorable. Shelby wears her navy cape blouse with a burgundy pencil skirt and it's so flattering!

The second (and third) are the same skirt also from modcloth and the shape of it is so witchy we couldn't pass it up!

Burgundy pants seem to be easier to find now than they were a year ago when I was hunting for all these pieces. The pants I purchased are from express but are super similar to these from old navy!

Shoes are the crowning jewel of every outfit. I wear a pair of burgundy lace up oxfords from Doll House that I've had for a decade so we found some other options from modcloth!

The first is called Bravo, Milano Oxford Heel. Two A & B are the same T-Strap shoe in different colors called The Zest Is History Heel. And last but certainly not least are B.A.I.T. Footwear Nostalgic Sass Oxford Heel.

As we all know the scarf has become a Hogwarts cult classic piece of merch so we had to have the Ilvermorny version to match! This scarf is a whopping $6.35 from amazon.

Shelby found us splendid navy tights with tiny red polka dots that we cannot seem to find online but these socks definitely do the trick! Tie Bar brand from amazon as well, you can own these beauties for $10.00 (these also come in traditional Gryffindor, Slyherin and you could get away with Ravenclaw colored stipes as well!)

Felt hats are my favorite thing, I have all different colors, shapes and sizes. The navy felt hat I wear is from Forever21, I picked up a few years ago but I found this similar one from amazon!

Ilvermorny Luggage

So, we all know the signature Hogwarts trunks but what about Ilvermorny?

Shelby and I have had conversations at length about whether Ilvermorny would have more of the weekender style bag or actual hard-side trunks like Hogwarts.

First up, we have rolling luggage that looks like trunks in the Ilvermorny blue from amazon. They also sell this set in brown if you were looking for functional Hogwarts luggage. The larger piece is a carry-on size rolling 21" suitcase and the smaller piece is a 12" cross-body train case.

Second, is a weekender that screams "All-American travel" to me and seems less wizardy than number three - a waxed canvas weekender but we all know I'm a sucker for a good weekender bag.

Fourth, is a plaid duffle in Ilvermorny red and blue, a bit more sporty than the rest and likely more appropriate for the quadpot team as equipment bags. Fifth, is a cute plaid cross body bag that was too perfect not to include.

Hope you love these pieces as much as we do! Tag @TipsyWizards in your Ilvermorny look on Insta so we can see!

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