Mrs. Weasley Sweater Can Koozies

Mrs. Weasley Sweater koozie

If you're of the Potter generation you know the feeling you get when you see a Weasley sweater. You are instantly filled with all the love Mrs. Weasley put into every stitch.

I love the idea of Weasley sweaters being modern and pixelated; I originally designed this for sweatshirts at Twilfitt and Teta and thought they would translate well as koozies!

Popsugar had a DIY using felt letters on sweater bottle koozies and they were so cute but I wanted something a bit more universal.

I created vector artwork for each of the letters for sweatshirts but brought them into the silhouette vinyl cutter program and sized them down for the smaller can koozie application. After they were cut I weeded them and aligned them on each koozie before heat pressing them on!

They turned out just as I'd hoped and I'm quite sure they'll be a huge hit during our visit to Orlando this fall!

#DIY #vinylcutter #koozie


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