RoR Apparel Review

Full disclosure: we have purchased products from RoR Apparel before and have also been gifted products. This is not an advertorial.

When we think of theme parks, we get a pretty universal impression of rides and rollercoasters, nightly shows, specialty foods, and souvenirs. Ask anyone about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter though, and you’re bound to receive an answer that includes the art and signage. This commercial and public display adds to the atmosphere of the park, providing a lived-in and authentic feel. Guests are made to feel as though they’ve stepped into daily life in Harry’s wondrous world. There’s no denying that each sign is a key part of the practical sets in this themed area, where buildings and storefronts and tower above throngs of muggles.

Which brings us to another Gryffindor and Slytherin duo who appreciates the minutiae of this craft, RoR Apparel. "Detail-oriented" is an understatement when describing them. If there’s a sign in Diagon Alley, bet that they’ve seen it. It is no small feat- text and artwork fill much of the available space on hanging signs and even cover the brick walls of stores. Some were sourced straight from the books or films, while others were dreamed up by theme park creators.

Owners Brian and Carrie started RoR Apparel after designing tees for a friend's birthday trip to Universal Orlando. Party guests converged on Diagon Alley, each dressed in shirts that featured the birthday girl's favorite Wizarding World sign: one that marks the London headquarters of the "Society for the Reformation of Hags". Savanah and I participated from afar, wearing our shirts and sending birthday wishes in a video. Encouraged by such a positive response that followed, Brian and Carrie opened up shop and began work on their magical garments. The "Hags" sign has become Carrie's forever favorite, because it led her to where she is today and is responsible for so many new friendships formed over the past six months.

RoR Apparel saw the sign, so to speak. These markings are meaningful to people who love Harry Potter. Fellow fans would recognize these Wizarding World landmarks and appreciate the subtlety in its design. RoR's tees and tanks feature motifs from the parks, little details from the books, and whatever they find particularly interesting but can't find anywhere else. Everything is small batch and produced in limited quantities. Their models are people they call "friend", and friendship appears to be at the heart of this small business.

Savanah and I received quidditch tees in our respective Hogwarts houses, kindly gifted from RoR. We often joke that we “fell into” our adopted sporty-chic aesthetic and have decided to come to terms with it. These are going to see a lot of use now that quidditch has consumed our lives. Something I must mention: I have a love affair with soft shirts. The kind of soft that you get from countless washings, where its breathable and comfortable. These shirts are IT.

Our first orders from this wonderfully nerdy shop were for their iconic Society for the Reformation of Hags tee, which has become a staple in my own wardrobe. This organization is a deep cut from Harry Potter lore, originally appearing on a Chocolate Frog Card. It was founded by Honoria Nutcombe, a human witch who, for inexplicable reasons, is always depicted as having green skin.

If you’re ready to embrace the Hag Life or quarantine in true comfort, you can browse their collection HERE and find them on Instagram at @ror.apparel.


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