Shadow and Bone

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Shadow and Bone dropped on Netflix on Friday and some girlfriends and I took the day off work, decorated an over the top waffle bar, donned our kozy Keftas and made a big blanket nest on my couch for the whole weekend! We watched all eight episodes straight through on Friday and then watched them all over again on Saturday with subtitles so we wouldn't miss a thing.

When Leigh Bardugo first announced that her Grishaverse was being adapted for a Netflix show I knew I wanted to host a slumber party to watch it. Knowing we would still be dealing with COVID, it would have to be a small affair. So I invited two of my dear friends who are also into the Grishaverse and started planning!

Fallon & Krista also identify as Corporalki so deciding outfits for our watch party was so much easier! Corporalki Heartrender's Keftas are red with black embroidery so I found red bathrobes on amazon, the perfect black appliques on etsy and some ornate belts on shein and Frankenstein'd them all together to what I've been lovingly referring to as "Kozy Keftas"

We didn't have any stills from the show when I gathered all the materials for these, so I went off of what we get in the books and I'm so pleased with how they turned out!

*This etsy shop is selling screen accurate Kefta "belt buckles" they're flat backed but look great!

All three of us have a deep love for Nina Zenik, a heartrender with a big personality and a bigger sweet tooth. So a waffle bar was absolutely non-negotiable. Much like Nina, Fallon is also in love with Matthias Helvar (Calahan Skogman only added fuel to this fire) so I knew I wanted to use the quote "You're better than waffles, Matthias Helvar" somewhere in the bar.

I used my vinyl cutter and applied the letters to an old window we had in the garage. My husband attached it to a base for me and it was perfect! I wanted other elements of Ketterdam, the main location of the Six of Crows books (our favorite in the series) so I added some poker chips and playing cards as a nod to the Crow Club. Some coins and the call and response from the Komedie Brute and all the fixings for Amsterdam inspired waffles!

Without any spoilers, the show far exceeded all of my expectations and I had pretty high hopes for it. The trilogy isn't my favorite in the book series so I was nervous about how the characters from the trilogy would commingle with the crows and what the storyline would look like while blending the two, but it was beautifully done and I loved it all so much. If you loved the books and/or loved the show let me know! I'm so excited to talk about it with other Grishaverse fans and started a re-listen of Six of Crows immediately after our second watch of the show. I cannot wait for season two!!

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