Snitch Fidget Spinners

I did not buy the fidget spinner hype. None of it. Friends had them at the bar and I blatantly refused to even touch them. The closest I got to caring about them was watching Youtube royalty Colleen apply makeup with one.

As you all know by now, I’m planning/hosting a large group trip (10 humans) to Orlando for my (Ann-Derrick and Jason’s) birthdays in October. Through facebook events I’ve had a very serious hype train going since January. Yes.... I realize how insane that sounds.

I’ve planned a huge scavenger hunt, multiple group costumes, ordered 4 cakes, balloons, a giant floral swan float and too many other things to list. To show how much she loves me Ann-Derrick sent me not one, but two golden snitch fidget spinners.

....I GET IT. I get all the hype. All of it. I totally get it, I’m sorry internet for ever doubting you. They’re beautiful and shockingly heavy and I’m obsessed. I have one at home and one at work for, ya know, maximum…. productivity.

Thank you Ann-Derrick! I appreciate you appreciating me and am so grateful for you in my life.

To get your own fidget spinner you can find them here!

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