The Wand Shoppe Review

Recently, we were gifted a wide variety of wands styled after those seen in the Wizarding World. The Wand Shoppe spoiled us with these spot-on replicas of wands owned by Hermione Granger, Lord Voldemort, Ginny Weasley, and more, making them perfect for cosplay purposes.

Not every product is a replica of those you see on screen, or “character wands” if you will. They have some imaginative original designs like the Night Owl, which just happens to be Savanah's favorite wand. My favorite is the Faithful, for its tactile design and little details. The Cirrus is the newest design in their stock.

Take a look at all nine wands we've been casting spells with:

The Night Owl

The Faithful

The Passionate (Ginny Weasley)

The Ancient (The Elder Wand)

The Raven (Lord Voldemort)

The McKoy

The Cirrus

The Serpent

The Vine (Hermione Granger)

Currently they have over fifteen different styles on their online store in dark brown and light brown finishes. All of their wands are solid wood, carved from two different types of trees. The darker wands are sourced from Terminalia chebula, otherwise known as black myrobalan trees. The lighter wands come from Sideroxylon inerme, or White Milkwood, trees which can to be over a thousand years old. Each wand comes in its own velvet wand pouch for storage in between spells.

You can take their wand quiz here to determine which magic wand is right for you, or shop the collection at:


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