The Zouwu

When the Zouwu made its big-screen debut, cat lovers everywhere let out a collective, “awww”. In “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald”, this elephant-sized feline beast is mistreated in the Circus Arcanus and escapes into the streets of Paris. Before lovable magizoologist Newt Scamander can rehabilitate her though, he has to capture her, luring her into his case using a seemingly totally ordinary cat toy stick, complete with feathers and a bell.

Without fail, the movies set in the wizarding world have produced delightful props with each installment. Our respectful tribute this time? The zouwu toy, reimagined as a drink stirrer.

When creating a themed drink, color schemes are important. Zouwu have enormous, sweeping tails in a myriad of colors and orange fur, making the blood orange an obvious match. Color isn’t the only consideration, though, and a drink that doesn’t taste as nice as it looks isn’t worth making. As the zouwu is said to be native to China, so too are our ingredients. The citrus used in this drink, the kumquat, is coincidentally the smallest citrus fruit in the world. They’re firm, bright orange in color, roughly the size of a grape. You can eat them whole, peel and all. For a well-balanced set of flavors, lychee liqueur is added for sweetness and its light taste. We used Giffard Lichi-Li liqueur, but popular brands such as Kwai Feh and De Kuyper should work just as well.


2 ounces of blood orange juice

1/2 ounce kumquat juice

2 ounce white rum

1 ounce lichi-li liqueur


Juice 2 medium size blood oranges. juice several kumquats (we used an 8 ounce container of kumquats for two cocktails)

Add blood orange juice, kumquat juice, white rum and lichi-li liqueur to a shaker with ice. Shake and serve in cocktail glass. Optional: garnish with zouwu drink stirrer and blood orange slice.


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