United Spritz of America

Nothing beats a refreshing spritzer in the summer heat - today we are sharing our take on an Aperol Spritz! Becoming popular in the 1950's and inspired by the Venetian mix of white wine and soda, this drink incorporated the Italian apératif Aperol to the mix as a light liquor alternative. For more history about the Aperol Spritz - wikipedia has you covered!

Knowing that most home bars don't have bitters lying around, we simplified this recipe to be equal parts white wine and seltzer!

Our version of this recipe is more "choose your own adventure" so If you'd rather use champagne or prosecco instead of wine, a flavored seltzer or club soda and/or different berries than our Ilvermorny inspired red/blue berry scheme that is A-OK!

Let us know what you used for your United Spritz of America elixir!

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