Wand Waving in the Woods

After a full day at Hon Fest in Hampden, MD we ventured into the woods to do a bit of wand waving.

For anyone that doesn't know, Hon Fest celebrates all the spectacularly tacky women found in Baltimore (Bawlmoor if you're a native). The higher the hair the closer to God, flamingos as far as the eye can see and feathers flying from here to the moon. There was a contest for the best Hon, cat eye glasses adorning cocktails and the sweatiest crowd I ever did see.

The following day we made our way into the woods for a quick shoot before I drove back to CT. It was the hottest day on Earth, and Shelby braved the heat for some snaps in her Twilfitt and Teta Ilvermorny sweatshirt to show her Wampus pride! You can peep a fun Wampus sticker from the lovely Naomi Lord and thankfully, not pictured are all of the bug bites we endured during this little expedition. We will never forget bug spray ever again.


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