When you're a salty beach witch

We've collected a few bits for your next nautical adventure! With the right company and accessories a beach trip can be just what the doctor ordered and we're here to share all of those bits and bobs!

1. You may not have known that a beach witch hat existed or that you needed one but for $13.00 on amazon it can be yours!

2. These Adele Mildred bat wing sunglasses are masterpieces, worn by the likes of Dita Von Teese they are perfectly witchy and chic. They're a bit steep at $295.00 but worth sharing.

3. La Femme En Noir puts out a slightly more affordable bat wing pair for $85.00 and they come in a beautiful coffin glasses case.

4. This black lace beach dress is my absolute favorite bathing suit type accessory I've ever purchased. It's from ebay and costs a whopping $10.00 and it worth every penny.

5. If nautical totes are your thing but you don't want a full navy wardrobe like KJP, this $15.00 black anchor tote from amazon is up your alley.

6. Again, if you love anchors but are entirely over navy this tote (and set) is for you. I have this $38.00 tote monogrammed with a matching wristlet and toiletry bag from Etsy.

7. This $10.00 black wristlet is from amazon and perfect to drop your phone and keys in so they don't wind up in the bottom of your big beach tote!

8. A parasol may not be a necessity but just look at it!! It's perfection. For $37.00 you'll be the envy of everyone on instagram.

9. This little velvet number from Killstar speaks to me on a spiritual level. I'm totally obsessed and it's cut so beautifully no other bathing suit would do. ($60.00)

10. Taking a dip in the Black Lake? This black mermaid suit from Killstar is perfect. ($60.00)

11. Ranging from $30.00-$39.00 each these beach towels are just shy of 6 ft. and the perfect contrast to our black vibes. From Bed Bath & Beyond they are thick and cozy.

12. Another contrasting towel option from Bed Bath & Beyond these stripey gems run from $27.00-$35.00 each.

13. For $38.00 you can show off your witchy spirit with this spellbinding beach towel from amazon/society 6.

14. Round towels were all the rage last summer and seem to be a bit more accessible this summer. This boho piece is $25.00 from amazon and the perfect size to roll around on the beach.

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