Wizarding World Gold

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

As we all know is no more and now we have Shortly after their rebrand, they launched their Wizarding World Gold campaign with a landing page oddly reminiscent of JKR's original website with bits and bobs cluttered on her desk.

Wizarding World Gold - the Official Harry Potter Fan Club experience is a "spellbinding annual subscription" for $74.99 that promises a welcome gift: "A personalised Keys and Curios journal, collectible pin badge and postcard of J.K. Rowling's Hogwarts sketch" and access to exclusive benefits.

The benefits have not yet been divulged but we do know the journal interacts with the new wizarding world app, which is such a fun way to tie the physical journal and digital app together.

I especially love the details in the journal and all the little places they use your name throughout. I was a bit worried with my name having three A's getting a repeat in the first page but it seems they have come up with a plethora of options for each letter and each house.

They feature our favorite worst DADA professor in February for Valentines Day, house-specific wizarding crackers on the winter page and my name was on my very own back to school list!

We don't know what exclusive content or goodies we can expect next but we're excited to see what the wizarding world comes up with!


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